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WE LOVE A GOOD STORY and as avid readers, wished we had more time to read. We are always trying to race against the clock in these hectic times we live in. Always on the go. On the way to work or school, to visit a friend or to travel the world. While we can carry our books with us (more and more in smaller packages), we can’t always solely commit our eyes to them to explore their magic. Audiobooks allow us to commit our ears.
However, even audiobooks were not portable and affordable enough for us. We personally experienced how much of a hassle it is to rent, buy, borrow, organize and carry audiobooks with you in the format of CD’s or even purchasing mp3 and transferring them to your devices. We kept searching for a better way.

A friend, Elizabeth Rodgers, who herself walks the line of literary arts on both sides as a writer and and a reader, suggested to create an app and the universe complied.
We got all excited and teamed up to work on a mobile device app that enables users to listen to good classic audiobooks on the go; anytime, anywhere.


  • The app had to improve and simplify the lives of people using it. Had to have minimal learning curve on how to use and intuitive 3 step operation; the easiest and shortest way to listen to quality, classic books.
  • We also wanted to help people create a positive learning environment for themselves and their kids without any excuses. Make it accessible for listening; at the Dr. office, in the car, on road trips, while commuting, at the gym and even at home. Anywhere you where.
  • The application needed to be affordable and accessible to a wider range of economic status households. Buying audiobooks seemed too expensive and didn’t solve the portability issue for us.
  • We wanted to avoid the need for special equipment like some sort of a player and move towards total mobility. It seems everyone has a mobile device nowadays.
  • Other apps we found were overwhelming and included too many options to choose from. So by utilizing our exceptional organizational skills and love of clear, clean design, we decided to structure all Audiobook Pop! apps according to themes. The curated audiobooks were hand pick with ONLY the best narrated titles available from Librivox collection.
  • One of the main reasons our first released application was Audiobooks For Your Kids app, was our desire to pass the joy of reading to kids. As a volunteer, Mazal witnessed how many kids never read any of the classic books as the likes of; “Little Women”, “Jungle Book” and “Aesop’s Fables”. We needed to do our share in spreading the love of books to the next generation.

All the issues above, proved to be the push we needed to envision Audiobook Pop! apps and to do our best to help promote literacy in our communities.

WE DESIGNED the apps to have a simple and intuitive user interface. One that allows the user to open, play and listen to a chosen audiobook in only 3 clicks. No muss, no fuss. Easy as that. Even a child can do it.

AS A COMPANY, Audiobook Pop! Is dedicated to creating user friendly, affordable and curated mobile devices audiobook apps. Applications that cater to adults and kids alike. All available for download in all the app stores: iTunes, Google Play! and Amazon.




MAZAL SIMANTOV – Graphic, print, web designer and web developer. Armed with a passion for; modern designs, books, technology, photography, efficiency, food and volunteer work with kids (something she’s been doing since she was six years old). More about Mazal

ELI MOR – Software Developer. Technology and travel enthusiast.