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by | Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

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“Audiobooks for Your Kids takes a fresh look at classic stories that have been turned into audiobooks. In the past my family has checked out books on tapes and CDs from our local library. They’ve been terrific but since our CD and tape players are relics we’ve been limited as to where we could listen to the stories. I tried to convert the CDs to audio files but anyone who’s ever tried to convert an audiobook with chapters will probably understand why I eventually gave up trying to put the files on our iPod. I do love the concept of audiobooks though and the way they tap into your imagination as you listen to the narrated text. which is exactly why I’m excited to introduce my children to this app – Audiobooks for Your Kids.

Audiobooks for Your Kids takes it’s content from the Librivox Children’s Catalog. The catalog contains classic books that are all available in the public domain. Librivox volunteers record narrated versions of the books and they then make those recordings available to others for free. This first version of Audiobooks for Your Kids contains thirty Librivox recordings and more titles will be added soon.

The app itself has a nice, simple user interface that will be easy for adults and older children to navigate. Audiobooks can be found by keyword searches or by quickly filtering the recordings by age, genre, title or author. Once you find a title that you’d like to hear you may tap on it and add it to your “Library”. You can add as many books to your library as you have storage space on your device. If your device’s operating system allows for multitasking then you’ll be able to begin a book and then exit the app while the audiobook continues to run in the background. Books can be paused and if you close the app the next time you select this recording from the library it will pick up exactly where you left off.

The initial app costs $.99 but after that all of the Librivox content is free. If you’d like to try out the app’s basic features a free version is available in the App Store. It contains three recorded books. I think this is a great app for helping the kids take a break from the screen and letting their imaginations go wild with a little help from the classics.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Audiobooks for Your Kids, LLC”

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