Record an audio book on Librivox for Audiobooks For Your Kids

by | Friday, April 22nd, 2011


Image property of @Julcha

What do you think of the narrators on Librivox / Audiobooks For Your Kids app? Some great, some not so great? Maybe you could do better? Maybe your kids
could do better? Why don’t you consider recording a book for librivox?

Even if there is already a version of the title you choose, there’s always room for another. Think about it, this way: if you travel a lot, you could still “read” to your kids while you’re away.

Go to librivox and check out what you need to know about volunteering to make a recording.  And when you’re finished and the audiobook is on the Librivox website, let us know and we’ll pull it into our app for the next version.

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