Tutorial: How to Update “Audiobooks For Your Kids” app or any iTunes app!

by | Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Here’s how to do it from your mobile device (images taken with an iPhone):

Step 1

Open your mobile device, find and select the “App Store” icon. If you haven’t updated Audiobooks for Your Kids, you will see a number circled in red on the top right corner. The number represents how many of your apps need updating.

Step 2

In the App Store, touch “Updates” at the bottom of your screen. All updates will be listed. You can update apps individually — select Audiobooks For Your Kids and any other app you want to update. Or, if you select “Update All,” you will download all of the updates at this time. Please note that these updates are FREE.

Step 3

Once you have selected how you want to update, you will be prompted to enter your iTunes store Apple ID and password.

Step 4

Your updates are being installed. You will see “Loading…” beneath the icon of each app that is being updated.

Step 5

Once all available updates are installed, the “App Store” icon will show no number on the top corner. Your apps are all up-to-date. Congratulations.

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